Managing is one just one small bit helpful part of Mad Library which is avaible for derivation and for next use.

1.1 Items

Managing of items can help you when you will try to make small application with  should manage many kinds of items.

Item first = new Item(1, "First test item."); //Creates new item
Item second = new Item(2); //Creates new item
second.Name = "A second one."; //Sets name of second to 'A second one.'
Items i = new Items(first, second); //Creates new item collection.
i.Sort(ItemsSort.Name); //Sorts created collection by item name.
foreach (Item a in i) //Enumerates sorted collection.
       Console.WriteLine(a.Name); //Prints name of enumerated item.

1.2 Products

Our product management is primary targeted for derivation.

Product first = new Product(99991, "First product.", 200.5);
Product second = new Product(99992, "Another product.", 200.5000001);
Products collection = new Products(first, second);
collection.SetProductsCategory(new ProductCategory("Beer", "Our best beers."));
foreach (Product p in collection)


1.3 Users

User management is based on User class and it’s created for fast use.

User first = new User("User2", "TestTest", "test@test.test");
User second = new User("User1", "Test", "test@test.test");
Users col = new Users(first, second);
Console.WriteLine(first.VerifyUser("User1", "TestTest"));
foreach (User u in col)


1.4 Persons

Persons are not ready in current version.

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