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Project Description
Mad Library is free open source .NET framework library which provides many accelerations of normal programming with preprogrammed functions.

Global reasons for use

  • Mad Library is mostly documented library which makes programming faster
  • Mad Library is fastly developed and it’s interested in things that are hardly programmable or too expensive for time.
  • Mad Library holds and develops own fast communication protocols, HTML managers, CSS managers and more usable things which are needed every day.

Specific reasons for use

  • Managing
    • Simple user holding, comparing, verifying, sorting…
    • Simple item managing (similar to functions enumerated upper)
    • Simple product managing (—||—)
  • Mathematics
    • Simple fractions use in code
    • Usable percentage calculator
    • Simple proportionality calculating and holding
  • Networking
    • Usable client communication manager and request + response manager
    • Simple clear HTTP protocol request and response holders, managers, parsers and builders
    • Own communication protocol for simple client<->server communication
    • Peer to peer communicator
    • Bases for servers and web servers
  • Text
    • Random text generator
    • Refactoring builder
  • Web
    • Simple CSS document, CSS style, CSS property and CSS group managing and holding types
    • HTML document, HTML element, HTML attribute and more web document managing and holding types.
    • Web file, web directory, web site and web page support (with recursive searching, getting by HTTP call path, etc.)
  • Others
    • Collection managing
    • Building and parsing interfaces
    • Program properties

… and there are also another loads of smaller not specified functions for help and effectivity in programming.

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